What You Know About Galaxy Tab S2

The Galaxy Tab S2 Look nice to hold in two hands than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and its sibling, the Galaxy Tab 8.4. In fact, it is now light enough to comfortably Handle in one hand. Galaxy Tab S2 Weight is low Only  389g for the 9.7-inch tablet and 265g for the 8-inch version, it Extract  the extra weight of its Samsung tablet predecessors, and it’s also noticeably lighter than Apple’s entire iPad .


That is a Great deal, believe it because holding the larger Tab S2 in Hands  in bed reading Flipboard while holding the tablet in the air Their is not strain over long periods of time.The Display Size is  9.7-inch ,The  measurement is  237 x 169 x 5.6mm, and the 8-inch model 199 x 135 x 5.6mm, beating Apple’s sub-pencil-thin thickness of 6.1mm.

The Samsung Tab S2 is lighter because it is backed by a soft-touch plastic cover instead of an aluminium shell.  Metal edges outline the tablet instead of a plastic frame this time.The entire device may not be metal, but it does feel smooth. It’s better than the dimpled plastic of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Still remains just as grippy. Two small, springy buttons are embedded into the back of the Tab S2, but they’re meant for clipping a cover onto the tablet and aren’t releases to pop off the back. It’s all sealed shut.however Samsung Tab S2, a microSD card slot on the frame to optionally boost the 32GB and 64GB configurations with an additional 128GB of expandable storage.


Alongside this same rail are a solid-feeling power button and volume rocker. Stereo speakers, a headphone jack and an off-center micro USB port line the bottom of the tablet.The Tab S2 has a physical, fingerprint-sensing home button in front with the usual oval shape, and two capacitive buttons on either side. These keys light up by default every time the display is touched.

The latest Galaxy Tab comes in three colors: Black, White and Gold. Gone are the fancy names like Dazzling White and Titanium Bronze, reflecting Samsung’s minimalist design with this year’s ultra-thin tablet.

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