PUBG Mobile Game Controller

How to play PUBG with Mobile Game controller.  PUBG is a global game in which 100 players drop onto a map to battle it out, with one remaining victorious. The game is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and Mobile devices. PUBG Mobile takes the PC experience and optimizes it for iOS and Android devices and while it is mostly the same experience, there are some key differences.

PUBG Mobile Game Controller auto-loot option, the ability to lock sprinting as well as icons showing enemy movement on the mini-map. PUBG Mobile also features an exclusive Arcade Mode which speeds up the blue zone and increases weapon drops. Touch screen aiming is never ideal, leading many players to wonder if it’s possible to play PUBG Mobile with a controller. The main difference, though, is the game’s controls. Obviously, being on mobile devices means that PUBG Mobile has to be controlled via the touchscreen, with a little bit of gyroscopic aiming thrown in too.

Can You Use a Controller on PUBG Mobile?

Can you use a controller on PUBG mobile? The answer is,  yes Tencent hasn’t released official controller support yet (we expect it soon enough), but there are other unofficial ways of using a controller if you’re on Android. Sorry, Apple fans, but you’re going to have wait for official support.

How to Use a PUBG Mobile Game Controller on Android

your Android device will have to be rooted in order to do all of this. However, if you meet those requirements, you can easily set up the controls as you’d like using that app. Otherwise, we recommend you keep an eye here for when can you use a controller on PUBG mobile.



PUBG  Mobile Game Controller
PUBG Mobile Game Controller

Mobile Game Controller Activating process

  1. Attach the controller to the device using OTG and USB cables. The OTG adapter essentially converts the controller’s USB signal to something your device can use.
  2. With everything connected, open the Sixaxis App. Tap “Pair Controller” and wait for the process to complete. You may see a few dialog popups during the process, but you can easily bypass those.
  3. Once pairing has finished, unplug everything and turn on the remote as normal. This time it should pair with the device.
  4. In the Sixaxis App go to Settings > Touch Emulator > Edit Profile.
  5. When it says “tap for menu” do so and select “Change Background.”
  6. Now is when you import the pictures we took in step one. When it’s on screen, tap to bring up the menu and select “Edit Background.” Rotate the picture so it’s right-side-up.
  7. Tap again and select “Add Button.”
  8. Save the profile as PUBG Mobile and you should be all set.

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